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The Attentive Manager

As a Senior HR Professional Mynd Match is the perfect tool to help Hillary easily connect with job seekers to fulfill her company's immediate and long term hiring needs. The ability to filter mynds ensures Hillary is choosing the ideal candidate every time.

The Goal Oriented Fashionista

Mynd Match connected Chloe with the perfect mentors to grow her startup fashion brand. The app not only helped her find a distribution partner, but even helped her outsource her textile production to China.

The Dual Business Women

Madison is pursuing her MBA during night classes while also maintaining a full time job of being a Mom. Mynd Match has matched her with a Life Coach to help organize her career goals and track her success as she climbs the corporate ladder.

The Visionary Analyst

As Vice President for Student Affairs, Isaiah used to struggle with tracking student engagement and success patterns. Mynd Match has helped Isaiah gain the necessary analytics to support report requirements, alumni engagement, and classroom success all from the convenience of his iPhone.

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Bring your Community to the Cloud

Calling all Colleges and Universities!

Mynd Match partners with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs departments to create a seamless relationship with peers, administrators and alumni professionals.

Having difficulty finding and retaining the right fit for your company?

Mynd Match connects with corporate partners to help identify perspective employees.

Find out how Mynd Match helps Non-Profits create, sustain and grow!

Mynd Match provides multidimensional services to community organizations by offering a "consortium model" of our app that creates a personalized and customizable experience for its users. Each platform and report module is custom built and configured to fulfill the growing needs of our partnering organizations.

Earn money when you share your expertise!

Mynd Match is seeking the best and the brightest Mynds to serve as "Expert Mynds" in our Global Mynd Match Community! If you are interested in working with our team to serve Mynds throughout our global community, fill out our "Expert Mynd Application today!"

About Mynd Match

Mynd Match provides the ultimate platform for connecting you with like mynded individuals that can best serve your career needs.

Networking has never been easier with the ability to filter Mynds that can support your goals.

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