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Interconnected Communities

About MMDG

Our Corporation

MMDG is a real estate development corporation that specializes in land acquisition, and the finance of real estate deals. MMDG’s strategic plan focuses on bringing sustainable jobs to growing communities through Mynd Match’s comprehensive expansion plan to develop mixed-use communities inclusive of commercial, residential and retail spaces that the community as a whole can enjoy.

Our Leadership

The combined experience of MMDG’s team, inclusive of its collaborative partnerships span across acquisition, construction, design, development, finance, leasing, marketing, procurement
and reporting. Our team oversees every element of each project from concept to completion.

Our Mixed-Use Approach

MMDG is comprised of a collaborative group of experienced developers, investors, and managers of mixed-use developments, with a heightened focus on the Midwestern and Southern regions. It’s strategic focus is on the development of new properties in markets which have upside potential, and on the acquisition of existing assets. As a company MMDG utilizes an integrated approach to the evaluation of new market opportunities, incorporating input from its architectural, construction, and real estate management partners.


MMDG Partner Network


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  • Mynd Match Corporate Headquarters

    333 S. Wabash | Suite 2700 | Chicago, IL 60604
    Headquarters (800) 856-8180 | Illinois Office (312) 995-7140

  • Mynd Match Development Group LLC, of Atlanta

    3355 Lenox Road | Suite 1000 | Atlanta, GA 30326
    Headquarters (800) 856-8180 | Atlanta Office (404) 504-7063

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