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How well does the LMS platform improve the learner experience?

Mynd Match provides an intuitive, social-media-like environment for users to connect, engage and communicate with educators, alumni and mentors as well as access academic-and career related information.

Can it enhance the administrative experience?

Mynd Match offers a full complement of tools to manage course offerings, track individual and group progress, and self-publish program materials.

Does it offer improved reporting capabilities?

Mynd Match utilizes GraphQL language to enable real-time, customizable reporting at individual and aggregate levels, all of which is exportable.

How well does it integrate with existing legacy systems?

Mynd Match’s open source environment works well with existing legacy systems, enabling continued use of existing systems.

Does it offer mobile capabilities?

The Mynd Match platform is optimized for mobile IOS and Android devices and is available in the Apple, Android and Google Play stores.  As outlined above, the aforementioned research indicates that MMI’s leading LMS has distinct advantages in the LMS market.  Once properly optimized MMI will nurture mentoring and coaching relationships among users, better prepare them for academic and career success, and support lifelong relationships.