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Company History

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Founded in Chicago, Illinois

Mynd Match began operations to design / develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the Mynd Match LMS.

May 23,

MVP Launch

Mynd Match served as a booth sponsor at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference to unveil the first iteration of its MVP in Washington D.C..

September 14-18,

Test Market Launch

Mynd Match presented its LMS in Hamilton Bermuda at the Policy Round Table for the International Colloquium for Black Males in Education.

October 3,

Corporate Sponsorship

Mynd Match served as a corporate sponsor to the International Colloquium on Black Males in Education, ‘Educational Transitions and Life Trajectories: Bridging Pathways to Success for Black Males in Hamilton Bermuda.

October 4-7,

National Product Rollout

The Boule Foundation’s, Grand Social Action Committee awarded Mynd Match an implementation grant for President Barack Obama’s I.AM.MBK Solutions White House initiative, where 243+ local organizations would be provided a subscription from Mynd Match to support their communities.

December 22,

Conference Speaker

Mynd Match presented at the Black Student-Athlete Summit 2017:  The Black Student-Athlete in the Age of Black Lives Matter.

January 4,

National Rollout Continues

The Boule Foundation extended its commitment for Mynd Match to service its growing interest in the nationally recognized My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

December 12,

Industry Expansion

Winnebago County selected Mynd Match through a competitive bid process, where Mynd Match was awarded an implementation contract to service its workforce of 1,400+ to deliver an LMS system, which would allow for new and existing county employees to engage in online compliance training.

June 1,

Conference Speaker

The International Colloquium on Black Males in Education extended an opportunity for Mynd Match to speak at a Round Table Session on “Today’s Workforce Disparities in Instructional Technology amongst Diverse Learners”.

October 24-26,