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Driving Tangible Outcomes
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About Mynd Match Technology

Mynd Match, Inc., is a Learning Management Software (LMS) company focused on providing a platform for users to plan, implement, assess, and manage engagement between user groups within schools and corporations.

Scale Your Learning & Training Programs

With Mynd Match’s cutting-edge LMS, administrators can build e-learning programs in education-based environments, whether in schools, organizations, or corporations. This comprehensive LMS platform is designed to drive engagement, retention, and outcomes that cultivate employee, student, and partner success in a knowledge-based economy.

Enhance Access to and Communication with Your Students and Employees

Mynd Match provides users enhanced access to e-learning through its dynamic, interactive community, while making it seamless for administrators in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, and schools to track student, employee, and partner progress through real-time customized report metrics.



Government Organizations
Is your municipality struggling to meet its employee training goals mandated by legislation, regulation, or policy? If the answer to this question is yes...
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Nonprofit Organizations
Is your organization looking for effective ways to streamline its training program(s)? If you are seeking a solution that pairs well with workforce
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Is your company having a hard time retaining top quality talent? Schedule a demo with Mynd Match to learn how our LMS can assist in keeping your
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Schedule a demo with Mynd Match to learn how our LMS keeps students engaged and on track towards graduation and beyond!
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Mynd Match is one of the coolest apps that I’ve seen in awhile. I look forward to using Mynd Match as I grow my skills and transition into the workplace.
Student at UW-Madison
Before MyndMatch, I struggled with finding engaging tips to help me move forward in my career. Now I can find work advice straight from my cell phone!
Christine Bright
Project Manager, Waste Management
Mynd Match has a keen focus on transforming the learning experience in an ever changing society. They are bridging the gap between social media and education; creating an entirely new learning experience.
Kevin Poorten
President – West Region Northwestern Medicine
The Education Industry is continually seeking effective ways to engage learners, alumni, faculty, and staff to produce outcomes that lead to graduation. The Mynd Match solution services this need. Mynd Match’s ability to engage students while tracking their progress ensures success in the classroom and beyond.
Damon A. Williams, PhD
Leader, Scholar, Educator

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