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Mynd Match's network of Consultants have decades of experience assisting higher educational institutions of all types. They have addressed strategic issues that are inclusive of performance improvement, operating efficiency, growth strategy, and organizational effectiveness

Configurations and Customizations

At Mynd Match we often get questions on the difference between Customizations and Configurations. We are always happy to answer your questions on how we can customize and configure our platform to meet your needs.

In an effort to obtain a clearer understanding of the difference between Configurations & Customizations we have included an article written by Alan Rencher entitled Configuration vs Customization: When and why would I implement each?

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System Integrations

Mynd Match system integrations make it possible to work seamlessly with legacy systems that exist within organizations. Throughout our integration process, we utilize cutting-edge query language to integrate your API(s).

An application that is commonly used by our team is GraphQL. GraphQL is an application layer query language from facebook. With GraphQL, you can define your backend as well as define graph-based schema. This approach allows our client applications to query their datasets as needed.

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Mynd Match Product Implementation

Mynd Match product implementations are comprised of integrated six-step processes, which are managed internally throughout our Sales, Client Engagement, and Technology Teams. The approached utilized ensures premium client satisfaction. The referenced steps are as follows:

  • Discover - The initial phase of this process is designed to accurately understand the exact needs of our client. Our goal is to customize and configure our platform to fit naturally in the culture of your organization
  • Design - Once the needs are accurately our design team works to customize a front end experience that works seamlessly with the look and feel of your organization.
  • Develop - Within the context of the development phase our technology team ensures that the back-end development operates with the precise perfection that you expect in an enterprise level solution.
  • Demonstrate - In an effort to ensure that your needs are accurately communicated in the end product Mynd Match demonstrates the customized system to identified members of your internal staff.
  • Deploy - - After your system is properly configured our team works to deploy the system for a pilot launch.
  • Go Live - Marks the official market launch of your customized platform.

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